Wednesday, May 27, 2015

P 51 going to estate sale auction, Torrence California, June 1st

Preview is By Appointment Only: Call Sean 714-264-5740
 Deposit Required to Bid: Cashier's Check Only; $25,000 for P-51; $2,500 total for Temco Swift, Packard Rolls Merlin and PT-22 Project
 Final Payment by June 9th, Cashier's Check or Bank Wire Only
Removal: By Appointment Only  and

pretty cool

this looks like the way to vacation...

flat bottom boat, canal or river, and your trailer... Diving off the roof!

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the Netherlands and Germany is cracking down on the Bandidos, and did a mass arrest roundup today

Belgian and Dutch and German police coordinated, a total around 400 police agents, ransacking 30 houses and arresting 19 people.

Police raids include Oirsbeek, Echt-Susteren and on a trailer park in Geleen.

In Belgium, a house searched in Borgloon.

Two weeks ago, in Germany, 11,000 pounds of fireworks (sounds like fun!) were seized in a raid on organized crime on the Lambert Wise Street in Tilburg.

Done at the request of the German authorities and led by the magistrate in Breda. Besides the illegal fireworks pot was also confiscated, amount unreported.

First firetruck in Murmansk

St. Petersburg Training Centre of the Federal Fire Service

Latvian Fire Dept

here's some surprising news, there's a move to get motorcycles banned from operating in Hawaii because of their excessive noise

Some of this simply can't be believed, it's too stupidly ludicrous

Noise from excessively loud vehicles is destroying the quality of life in residential Honolulu. The culprits are a growing number of extremely noisy mopeds and motorcycles, especially Harleys. They drive through our communities in the middle of the night, waking up thousands of working families.

If your state representative refuses to legislate on this, including David Ige, the Governor, it's time to boot them from office in the next election.

The Honolulu Police also do absolutely NOTHING to control the noise. The police must be reprimanded for not doing their jobs. 

I seriously doubt the next two sentences

We need to file a class action lawsuit against the Honolulu Police for refusing to enforce Section 342F of the Hawaii Code on Noise Pollution.

A group of determined Hawaii citizens are also filing class-action lawsuits against Harley-Davidson, their vendors, and other moped and motorcycle companies on the island.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Only occasionally does a cool motorcycle engine come along. Usually it's installed from something completely unusual, by someone very creative. Bo Hare in this case

It’s in a 1930 Peugeot P50T oval boardtrack racer. Modern scale version of WW1 period Gnome&Rhone overhead valve 9 cylinder radial aircraft engine. Methanol premix fuel. Glowplug ignition. 100 cc, 7hp 7000rpm.

There are double d-cells in the fire extinguisher case giving 22,000mah for powering up the plugs

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Radial engine video of Bo Hare 
You can read about him in Classic and Sports Car, April 2015 page 185

Coolest helmet I've seen in a while