Monday, September 01, 2014

One of the taxi cabs from the movie "The Wiz" is now up for sale

Made by Mechanic Dan and William Reynolds between 1978 and 79

The movie prop was on a lawn in 1997 when a house was bought, and has been taking up space ever since, and now that the property is going to be sold, this taxi from Oz needs a good home.

"When I moved it went about a mile and a half to my parents garage. They both recently passed, so now it is time to get rid of the house and the taxi. It is too bulky to ship to Colorado, and the Homeowners Association will bust my chops if I put it on my lawn. So I have no choice but to sell it. I am a car guy, and want it to go to someone that will treat it right.

As you can see it was abused, I laid fiberglass on it to get it back together. Kids also sprayed red graffiti on it. We painted it in about 2000, but it looks like that wore off. I don’t know what I want for it. It could be worth pennies, or real money. I don’t want it to be scrapped. that’s my main concern.

 The shell is in the driveway or garage of my parents house in Atlantic Beach NY, and is too big to fit in a van, it will fit in a small U Haul, or on a trailer. The golf cart that powered it is long gone. We painted it a dozen years ago and it looked good up until we moved in 2007.

The purchaser will have to haul it away. I don’t know if it is worth $3, $300, $3,000 or $30,000. Hopefully someone interested will have an idea of a fair price, not rip me off, and make a fair offer.

I guess Tom got ahold of me because I posted about the Wiz Taxis years ago

How to spot a fun guy in a magazine's staff photo

One guess which one isn't pretentious. The "most influential automotive journalist" you've never heard of, the designer - writer by accident, the lawyer and rock band manager, or the goof ball in the garage wearing a tshirt not a suit, ascot, or scarf?

Image from

FYI now that Source Interlink has bought Automobile Magazine, Ezra won't be with them anymore, now that they moved to LA, and Jean Jennings split instead of uprooting from everything where she's lived and worked for decades.

A new writer to enjoy has joined Automobile magazine

The following is an excerpt from the column "Asphalt Jungle" in the Sept 2014 issue of  Automobile Magazine, which is, and will be, written by Arthur St Antoine

an assignment might actually be “Yugo GV Road Test.” Yeah, we “road-tested” nasty little Serbian-built Fiats that cost $10 less than a contemporary cell phone. And what did one say after driving a communist box less impressive than Marshal Tito’s coffin? Well, what could you say -- at least without sounding like a typical capitalistic jackass? “The GV’s headliner showcases the auto industry’s most creative use of papier-mâché.” Or maybe: “Eventually you get used to the, um, aroma. Our editorial nose wouldn’t call it ‘new-car smell’ exactly -- it’s more like stale Turkish cigarettes and cabbage mixed with a soupçon of totalitarian angst -- but after an hour or two at the wheel, one pleasantly surmounts the overwhelming urge to vomit.”

Like a swarm of zombies, the four-wheeled atrocities just kept coming. The Chevy Citation -- almost sued for defamation of character by a dead racehorse. An endless shell game of Chrysler K-cars, culminating in that transcontinental hybrid, the TC by Maserati -- which married la dolce vita of Benito Mussolini with the American breeding of Archie Bunker.

From the Sept 2014 issue, also,

rental airstreams

rentals include an Airstream trailer custom-matched to a GMC Yukon Denali. Our fleet is fully outfitted to make your journey as enjoyable, safe and easy as possible. You're at the helm, but we've thought of all the details. Never towed a trailer before? No worries - we will make you feel self-assured and comfortable. After our brief training, anyone can be a confident driver.

With introductory weekly rental rates ranging from about $5,300 for a “Take It & Go” journey to $7,500 for a fully custom planned itinerary

BMW has lost its mind

“Is the engine noise coming from the speakers?” Agonizingly, yes. The M3/M4’s interior sound comes courtesy of special effects.
When pressed, BMW engineers reluctantly explain that the sound doesn’t come from a pre-recorded soundtrack or an engine-mounted microphone. Instead, a sensor analyzes what the engine should sound like according to rpm and load. Then, it uses a “synthesizer” to replicate that sound and pipes it through the speakers.
Like the digitally rendered humans in the movie The Polar Express, you immediately know something is off—and that particular something is creepy. Also off-putting is the character of the synthesized engine noise, which sounds like a bass-heavy V-8 rather than the sharp rasp of an inline six. Onlookers outside the car are treated to blats of real, raucous inline-six sound as the exhaust flaps kick rudely open. Turns out they’re the lucky ones.

Found on from the Sept 2014 issue of Automobile magazine

Rob Lutter has been bicycling around the world since Sept 2011, from London, to Australia - so far

I learned about this on

Originally starting in London, photographer and writer Rob Lutter set off on an ambitious global journey, to not only photograph the many sites he visits, finding inspiration from his travels and the people he meets, but to also repay his eye-opening experience by spreading the remarkable stories he comes across.

 Lutter's ultimately seeks to get around the globe by bicycle in an indeterminate amount of time while doing some good along the way, raising awareness as well as funds for charity organizations concerning the global water crisis and mental health issues. As a man with OCD himself, Lutter has been sharing and seeking to overcome his own struggles through this adventure.  to see or learn about his journey click on the 3 horizontal bars in the upper right corner, and his email is

Much more satisfying is his Facebook, which you look at in reverse chronological order, looking at where he is now, and what he's doing, and then tracing back through his experience / adventure though photos and captions from the present to the past when he started. It's mesmerizing, maybe because I used to bike a lot.

 Consider the miles he's put on his bike, cars hitting him, him hitting cars. Flats, food, shelter, climate, getting the flu and local diseases like malaria, etc from being bitten by bugs. Avoiding dog bites, corrupt border guards, police shakedowns, etc.

It's a monumental undertaking.

There's still time to donate to The Lifecycle's Kickstarter campaign

This is more than a project to me, it's my entire life. I managed to roll my bike out of the front door. It's an unusual, but epic Kickstarter project I know, but one that, really, is just about hope, possibility, change, the search for happiness, that sense of adventure we all feel from time to time and the human need for discovery and exploration.
Help me. Join me. Let's cycle around the world!!
 Twitter: @roberlutter
 Instagram: @roblutter
 Tumblr: roblutter.tumblr

The bicycle is my home. My entire life. Everything I need is resting on the back of two thin wheels. The first bike Jake was the same bike used to ride to and from work everyday in London. He took me from one edge of a continent to another – thousands of miles across stony mountain passes and barren desert roads. The second bike Sixty, after Jake got cracked in half, is now carrying the waterproof bags, loaded with tools, winter clothing, spare tyres and sleeping gear. The custom touring-spoked wheels are fitted with marathon tyres. The handlebars have multiple riding positions for long rides and the Brooks saddle is the toughest in the world, made of leather that shapes to your body over time.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kyle posted his dad's Super Bee on Facebook today, it's the same colors as my R/T, except it has stock rims instead of Magnum 500's

full gallery at

I find it remarkable to have never seen another 1969 Coronet exactly like mine until now, after 12 years of ownership. I found it impossible until now to see what it will look like with stock rims and dog dish hubcaps.
Found on
2 minor differences of the exterior, are his mud flaps, and lack of the optional rocker panel aluminum trim pieces

This is mine, full gallery at

a kids and cars vintage photo Facebook page I just came across "Young Gentlemen Drivers"

monkey see monkey do was what this was called when I was a kid

great art, on what appears to be the cover of Life Magazine, Jan 4th 1917. But Life magazine didn't have this on it's cover. So this is a mystery

so here are the covers of Life Magazine's 4 issues in January 1917. I don't know where I found the top image, the bottom is from