Thursday, January 29, 2015

the Cadillac and Lake City RR #11

Cubscouts, 1942

Keeping a sense of humor no matter what

I got nothing... anyone else wanna caption this?

small towns, backwoods, the world moves on and railroads get pulled up. Sometimes things get left behind. This Pullman did

Some one brought it up to the area to make a roadside diner, but the project never made it past the County permits, and just sits there falling apart now.

In the upper right, that is a rail road that dead ends

in the lower left, W Railroad Dr in the same line.

In the middle, the Wheels of History Museum which has another pre-1905 Pullman and a caboose

Trains rolled through Brimley from 1887 until 1961. A railroad trestle across Waishka Bay connected Brimley with the now nonexistent milltown of Bay Mills with daily passenger train service between Sault Ste. Marie and Bay Mills. Trains brought logs to Mills in Bay Mills and carried away lumber.

Bay Mills was a trading post in an area inhabited by Indians. A post office was established in 1879. The first permanent settlement began in 1882 when a sawmill was built. By 1893, three Churches, two saw-mills, a sash and blind factory, planing mill, box factory, Niagara Paper Co., and pulp mill were doing a flourishing business. Mail was twice daily ! A druggist, machinist, photographer, stage line and ferry operator, butcher, carpenter, millwright, lumber inspector, barber, innkeeper, blacksmith, and saw filer were among the 1,900 residents.

At it's peak, the Hall and Munson Co. carried about 30 million feet of lumber on its docks.

In 1904, the factory burned down; a few years later the sawmill ran out of timber and quit business. As a result, by 1909 the population had diminished to less than 75 people and the post office closed.  and

Zombie apocalypse baby stroller

Coolest thing you're going to see today? probably. Coolest thing you'll hear today? yes "7 hundred freaking horse freaking power!"

Satellite or Belvedere, not sure whicj

I vote this guy and Mike Rowe for President and Vice President

1970 Riverside 500

Comparison of the F1 steering wheel since 1969

bug taillight infographic