Sunday, October 19, 2014

Superbird for sale ad... with a story (Kleenex warning)

In 1978, Gregory and Denise Deacon purchased a Plymouth Superbird.

On May 22, 1984 their daughter, Kelsey was born.

At the age of two, Kelsey needed heart surgery, and Gregory decided to sell the 'Bird for the much needed funds.

This morning I find the newspaper ad from 1986. Having been through heart surgery myself, and purchasing my Superbird at the same time Gregory's newspaper ad ran, I wanted to know the rest of the story. And more was Kelsey.

 I performed a little investigative work, found the phone number to the Deacon residence, and made the call.

Gregory answered the phone,

 I explained the 1986 ad I found, how it touched me, and asked how his daughter was.

She made it through the surgery, lived for 26 years.

Sadly, Kelsey passed away almost 4-years ago.

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