Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Boat engine variety at the 2015 Lake Tahoe Show at Obexsers.

Hispano Suiza made under license by Wright. That engine alone is worth about 50 thou

Dual superchargers?

And I think this is a Liberty airplane engine

Allison engined hydro sunk overnight

I suppose no one was looking, and no one spread the word, so potential buyers never learned about it... but feast your eyes on this 1950s beautiful boat, and Chris Craft original trailer... it looks like it was never used

All they wanted on Ebay was 2500. You could probably sell a Chris Craft collector the trailer for that, and get the boat and primo vintage Johnson outboard for free

Left in the shed for 32 years, after only 5 years of gentle use, and this unrestored beaut is incredible, it was bought by the original sales dealership 40 years after they sold it.

In July 1952 Jens J. Juul sold “Skippy” to Bob’s Auto Mart, a car dealer in Brainerd, Minnesota.

 Don Sheldon purchased “Skippy” from Bob’s Auto Mart on August 30th, 1952 and towed the boat down to Lake Miltona, MN. An “On Land” boat house was built for “Skippy” with small railroad tracks running into the lake and the Sheldon’s used the boat until 1957 and then left it in the boat house for 32 years.

In 1989,  Tom Juul discovered “Skippy” in the same boat house on Lake Miltona. A few years after Don Sheldon passed away and Tom Juul finally convinced the Sheldon Family to sell “Skippy” back to the Juul Family in 1992.

After being out of the water since 1957 some basic service was done, such as cleaning out the fuel tank and carburetor, etc. and some minor stain and varnish , but nothing to change original Chris-Craft script on the hull sides.

The big guns in small boats, Packard and Hall Scott engines

What did Howard Hughes put his guys to work on when the US Govt delayed the Spruce Goose production? Dinghys

The story goes that there was a delay of the Govt. contract for the Goose and Howard put all his craftsman to work building these dinghys and some office furniture using the same laminate birch process to be used on the plane.”

Where can you find a dual quad hemi for 5 thou? I just found one.

In this boat.

How about that. Seems a few of these 1950s 20-30 footers had small hemis. The website didn't say what size, but I can already say for sure it's not a 426. Probably not even a 392. Probably a 331 or that one in the 35? size

And this is one of 2 hemi powered boats for sale at the place I found. So - it might not be ready to throw in car, but it might have the rare hi po parts from the late 50s early 60s 

postal delivery, and movie screen time... the On Golden Pond mail boat

isn't it ridiculous how people neglect cool stuff? Finally restored in 2012, and now looks terrific

Finned Continental gull wing with a Lincoln 430 cu in... woody barnfind - "Fin and Tonic"

Found in a warehouse on a Olive plantation. Stored since 1972.

 A employee of the owner had filled the boat to the top for 2 weeks with water and forgot about it. The owner took the boat apart, dissembled the motor, removed the interior, and put into a container.

but as it was found in the below photo, really shows how incredible the condition of it was. Only had 148 run time hours, and had been in a barn from 1972 to 2013... 41 years

Barnfind 1928 Pontiac Chief woody, under the house for the past 28 years

The original owner was a Pontiac dealer in Fitchburg Mass. he gave her the name Pontiac Chief

What connects R. E. Olds, Reo Flying Cloud model car, Pullman, and Al Capone? A boat.

In 1926 Glen Robinson, owner of Roberson Marine located in Michigan, noticed how the wealthy were spending money through the roaring 20's, and proceeded to build a motorboat that would combine the elegance of a yacht with the sleekness and speed of a runabout.

The first Seagull was produced for major auto manufacturer Ransom E. Olds in 1928. The boat was named “Flying Cloud” and was used by the Olds family for two years before it was sold to the infamous “Scarface” himself, Al Capone in 1930. Capone used the boat for recreation in Florida, where he once owned a mansion near Miami.

The sleek lines of the hull and the black leather-covered hardtop cabin roof give the look of a limousine. The spacious cabin boasts of Pullman berths, galley, ice box, clothes lockers, separate toilet room with fold –down lavatory. The boat was built to carry up to twenty passengers in comfort and style.

The 5 decade long hope for a 710 interstate through Pasadena is over.

In the 1950s and '60s, Caltrans began buying up houses and plots of land for what was expected to be the path of the 710 Freeway extension. But in the decades that followed, the 6.2-mile project was stalled by lobbying, lawsuits and legislation.

They bought 460. Now, they are going to get sold... you can bet the rich people that killed off the 710 are going to buy them up and profit from the entire debacle. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the same people that buy up those properties, are the same people that opposed the 710 all these decades

With a new surface freeway route ruled out, Caltrans is still considering other projects for the area: a dedicated busway, a light-rail line, traffic management systems or a 6.3-mile freeway tunnel with or without trucks, according to the agency.

Under orders by both the governor and the state Legislature, and after a years-long push by both cities and tenants, Caltrans is preparing to sell the first 42 homes that were along the surface route of the proposed 710 Freeway extension in about one month.

After years of challenges, rewrites and delays, Caltrans on July 26 approved a final, state-required environmental report on the sale of surplus properties along what would’ve been the buildout of a surface freeway route from Valley Boulevard in Alhambra to the 210 Freeway in west Pasadena.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

barn find bull on blocks since 1988 until 2015. 1967 P400 still in the family, but finally out of storage

the reall background story is at

but in a nutshell "The family bought the car in 1970 from its second owner in the parking lot of a Holiday Inn in Wisconsin. The first owner was actually General Motors, who purchased it new in '67 and reverse-engineered the drivetrain. When the bill of sale (for $5,500) was passed onto the Neilsen's, the Miura had under 900 miles on the odometer. Today, it's got 18,000 and change." 

unrestored one-owner 10,945-mile matching-numbers Hemi Cuda 4-speed was just at auction... just how few original owners still are holding onto their hemi cudas?

Renowned Mopar and Hemi expert, Roger Gibson noted that this 1970 Hemi Cuda is one of the best unrestored examples in the world.

There are two factory broadcast sheets, original title, original fender tag, factory warranty book and owner’s manual.

advertised to sell as the final-ever Superbird sold as a ‘new car,’ as it was titled for the first time ever in 1985. Only has 14, 350 miles on it. Damn shame no one really drove and appreciated it.