Thursday, May 05, 2016

40 years in storage (since 1976), and presumed destroyed because it was missing so long and never in the registry, a low mileage original owner GT 350 Shelby Mustang is going to auction, Shelby serial number 6S163

This car began life as a dealer demonstrator and occasional dealer-backed competition car in Framingham, Massachusetts, before being sold to a local customer who drove it for a decade, putting on 55,000 miles. He never told anyone about it, and drove it into storage in 1976.

The car is in marvelous time-capsule condition and includes its five original Cragar Shelby mag wheels as well as every service receipt and document from new, including the bill of sale, original handbook and Shelby literature. Even more fascinating is that this car is not found on the Shelby America register since the owner never told anyone about it,

if you want to learn all the detail trivia about the 65-66 Stangs, read this article from Hemmings, but it doesn't say much about this particular car

So, that's how they do that! 25 million pounds of dirt is prepped for the Monster Energy Supercross race inside Sam Boyd Stadium

but you can see a much better video (that doesn't have an embed feature)

the 15-year-old dirt of Sam Boyd Stadium, where veteran operators of front-end loaders, bulldozers and mini-dozers called skid steers maneuvered their earth-moving machines like ballerinas to create the obstacle bump-filled three-dimensional motorcycle course for the Monster Energy Supercross Finals make up the sport’s playing field, so to speak.

 Feld Motor Sports, based in Aurora, Ill., stores 550 truck loads of the dirt right outside Sam Boyd Stadium, where it’s used for other Feld events, such as the Monster Jam World Finals.

The same dirt is used time after time for Feld sport events at Sam Boyd Stadium. The dirt for the Monster Jam event is not removed from the stadium between the Supercross Finals and the Monster Jam Finals, but instead stored in the center of the venue because the stadium that’s managed by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

It takes trucks two days to transfer the dirt from outside the stadium to inside the venue, so arranging the schedule for both dirt track events, cuts considerable time and cost from set up for the 2nd event.

Immediately after the Monster Jam ends, crews begin pushing the dirt into a two-story-tall mound in the center of the stadium field to store it for preparation of tilling it and adding water to keep it soft, moist and usable for the Supercross, Prater said.

In 2006, crews did not move the dirt into the center of the stadium after the monster truck event. So, when the Supercross workers showed up a few weeks later to begin forming the dirt course in the shapes of table tops and camelback-like mogul bumps, they found dirt that “had settled like brick,” Prater said.

Nathan Swartzendruber, the event paddock manager, said an eight-inch base of dirt sits on two layers of plastic over the UNLV football field. Feld hires a company called Dirt Wurx, based in Monroe, N.Y. outside New York City, to move the dirt and set up the course.

Prater valued the dirt at $100,000-$180,000, noting that Feld tries to acquire dirt coming off construction sites.

the two wheel bike that can't be ridden. The handlebar is attached to a gear that swtiches the direction the front wheel steers

A fired trucker returned to the Knight Transportation office yesterday, and shot a supervisor with a shotgun before he killed himself.

The former employee, Marion Williams, was carrying a shotgun and a pistol when he walked into the business just before 9 a.m.

Sheriff Ron Hickman said the former employee drove to the West Harris County business, parked in front and walked inside with both weapons.

 An employee watched the gunman enter and heard him say, “You ruined my life,” The Williams then opened fire with the shotgun, killing Mike Dawid, his former supervisor, and injuring two other employees, before taking his own life with the pistol.

Knight Transportation is one of the largest trucking companies in the country, with more than $1 billion in annual revenue and roughly 5,000 employees in 20 states.

Slot car model racetracks... incredible details throughout the entire diorama, but they cost as much as a new Corvette

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Smokey Yunick broke more than 300 Bonneville records with a “stock” 1967 Z/28

He built a stock-bore 445hp small-block and 540hp big-block that contained “optional heavy-duty parts” that were production components available from Chevy, which they had to be for eligibility. Both used solid lifters. Muncie four-speeds and Positraction 12-bolt rearends suspended from stock leaf springs completed the drivetrain.

The three Camaros he built were said to be Z/28s, though they may have started out as pedestrian Camaros with Z/28 markings. Smokey stressed that he deviated from stock by only adding rollbars, magnesium American Racing wheels, and 10.00-15 rayon racing tires.

On their way to Bonneville, Smokey called HOT ROD’s Jim McFarland to come meet him at Riverside Raceway, where the Bud Moore Mercury Cougar team was practicing for the upcoming Mission Bell 250. Smokey flat towed one of the Camaros for this detour. When he got there somehow he was allowed to unload the Camaro at the track, where this shot was taken. With Lloyd Ruby driving they broke the Trans-Am qualifying record.

Smokey was immediately kicked out of Riverside, with a big smile on his face.

At Bonneville in October 1967, a 10-mile course was marked off on the salt, and with driver Mickey Thompson and stock car drivers Curtis Turner, Bunkie Blackburn, and Johnny Patterson, they spent 12 days breaking hundreds of flying-mile records

I just learned from Bobby about the model on the cover of the 1969 Shelby Accessories brochure

Miss Scandinavia 1964 in Helsinki, Finland. (1st runner-up place, Miss Press)
- Miss Europe 1963 in Beirut, Lebanon. (2nd runner-up)
- Miss World 1963 in London England. (3rd runner-up)
- Miss Universe 1963 in Miami Beach, Florida, USA. (1st runner-up)

the fastest way to break a side window is in the upper corner

Katy Freeway, Houston, Texas- Officially the widest freeway on the planet

Norman Reedus is getting his own biking show June 12th on AMC, cool! Does this mean they killed off his character on Walking Dead?

Six one-hour episodes will follow actor and biker-enthusiast Norman Reedus as he takes viewers on a ride on the open road to explore local motorcycle culture and history.

Each episode of Ride will begin in a different city where Reedus and his riding companion – a fellow actor, musician, friend or local chopper fanatic who shares his passion for motorcycles – will journey to a new destination. Along the way, they will stop at various locales such as custom bike shops, tattoo parlors, collector’s warehouses, or a roadside smokehouse…with plenty of time for unplanned detours and tire changes. The series will also showcase different types of motorcycles each week including vintage, minis and cruisers.

looks very cool, but when the airbag pops open? That is going to really ruin someones face

the Aspen based Petty kit car

Steve and the Hurst Baja Boot

Capt Jack and his racing go cart, and his VW microbus!

Fiat and Chrysler, two name brands that are tanking. Without Jeep and Dodge truck sales, they'd probably be bankrupt

From March of 2015 to March  2016

Sales of the Chrysler 200 mid-size sedan plummeted a stunning 68%

FCA's Chrysler brand fell 13%

Fiat sales declined 24%


Jeep brand posted a sales gain of 15%

Four Jeep models, the Cherokee, Compass, Wrangler and Renegade, posted their best March sales month ever.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Maytag toy racer from 1935. Powered by the washing machines hit and miss 2 stroke engine, this was a promotional kids go cart made in Newton Iowa from 1934 to 41

about 30 of the 500 made still survive,

Thunderbird Jr was featured in Pee Wee's Big Holiday, that kind of promotional exposure is a great boost to a small company like Jr Central Promotional Cars

Mrs Thunderbird herself, Lois Eminger in a dusk rose 1957 Thunderbird JR named Pink Petunia sitting next to her Pink Lady full size 57 Tbird at an early Thunderbird club meet.

Lois Eminger worked for Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan, and eventually retired after many years of service to the company. She had earned the nickname of "Mrs. Thunderbird" among Ford employees, and for good reason. She was the lady given the task of communicating with Thunderbird owners who corresponded with Ford about their cars, especially if it were an older model that was no longer covered by a warranty.

She was instrumental in convincing Ford to produce a run of desperately needed T-Bird sheet metal. After a decade of negotiation, Ford resurrected the original dies and authorized the Budd Co. to produce a limited run of sheet metal parts in 1972/73. She worked with CTCI to get the sheet metal project done, and she worked with TARTC to get the build sheets saved and cataloged.

While employed at Ford Motor Company, Eminger discovered that original invoice copies were being destroyed when no longer needed. These invoices are actually the #2 sales copy, and were one part of the multi-part form that also produced the window sticker that appeared on new car windows. Eminger felt this information might be of importance to people down the road, so she asked for permission to save these copies for future reference, and permission was granted by Ford for her to do so.

People who requested invoice copies or other information often received a hand written note from Lois as well, which shows what a true enthusiast she was. She was reportedly thrilled to receive an invoice request and discover it was for a particularly rare car, and was happy to know that it had survived and was in the hands of someone who was caring for it.

The exact accounting of how Lois Eminger came to save all these invoices was told by Eminger herself in the 1990s: In 1967, Lois worked in the Legal Department at Ford, and needed to research a particular 1955 Thunderbird. When she asked the people in archiving for the invoice, she was told that they were all thrown away after 10 years, which of course meant that the information she needed had been destroyed two years earlier. Concerned about this newly revealed information, she asked Ford management for permission to have the archive send her all invoices instead of destroying them. She received the OK, and from that point forward the original invoice copies were sent to her. When one considers the monumental task of storing all these invoices over the years, it's apparent Eminger's dedication to the classic Ford hobby was very strong.

Thanks to Steve! I've never heard of her, but, Steve knows a ton of stuff about the car world I've never heard of, and he's a researching machine

the new Chrysler Pacifica is replacing the Town and Country van. It's a bit of an improvement in many ways, but it also has a cool little homage to the vans that started the whole mini van explosion

The Caravan and Voyager, and the Town and Country. Not sure what the 4th one is. Maybe these are just the evolution of the Chrysler Mini Vans.

the umbrella holder is kinda cute too

I just enjoy listening to an old Harley putter... so skip the self promoting guy, and the first 3 minutes and 30 seconds, and this 104 year old Harley Davidson lights off quite smoothly