Wednesday, December 17, 2014

great stuff found on

and a rare photo of a Coast Guard truck

Forest service above

just WTH this is meant to be...  it's a water tanker to get to the deep forests?

All found on though that site really sucks at reposting my photos and never giving a link credit, as they do to every other site the borrow from, they suck like that. But they consistently have cool photos of trucks 

advertising on a building... with style

A museum even did an exhibit on Burt Munro's bikes and legacy!

it's beginning to look a lot like deer season on the roads in the great snowy north

found on Facebook

I've seen lot of trailers, but this one gets a gold star

That's a first.

Found on

Dodge was ready for the free good publicity when used to make movies in Africa

a new trick in motorcycle stunt riding

Just in time for Xmas... admit it, as a kid you'd have wanted one