Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Globetrotter, Heidi Hetzer, drove solo across 5 continents with a 1930 Hudson, and stopped for work at 50 garages.

Heidi Hetzer is a former automobile dealer, rallye car driver, classic car collector and circumnavigated the globe in a vintage car alone, more or less following in the tracks of  Clärenore Stinnes, who made a similar journey from 1927 to 1929.

Apart from modern seats to make the drive more comfortable, Ms Hetzer's Hudson remains in its original condition.

Lesson to be learned, always travel with extra brake pads, con rods, pistons, and many engine bearings of all kinds. There is no reason to risk a world trip stopping on account of the things you can prepare for by bringing logical repair parts.

Cork clutch replacement

on the way between the natural harbor of Atico and the village of Atico in July 1928, top. And 2016, bottom


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